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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
General Sessions Sponsored by Rio Tinto

8:20 am – 8:30 am

Conference Chairs' Opening Remarks and Welcome  

Robert W. Schafer, Reg. P.G., 2020 SME President
Tim Alch, Executive Director, SME-NY

8:30 am – 10:30 am

The Outlook - A Phoenix Rising from Ashes of the Pandemic  

Michael Fox, Publisher; The Prospector News

As the industry moves through COVID-19, we explore the best practices to operate in an uncertain and disruptive market, look at how leaders are adapting to a new environment, and examine what the outlook really is. Industry leaders share their thoughts on where opportunities exist and what the industry needs to do and think about next. Join us for two market panels led by industry-veteran market analysts with informed views of key trends and issues. Joe Poveromo and Chuck Bradford share the outlook for iron ore and steel, especially China's current steel industry trends. Jeff Christian and Mike McGlone have the latest information about precious metals and copper markets.


8:30 am – 9:30 am

Iron Ore and Steelmaking Raw Material Trends – China's Driving the Market   

Michael Fox, Publisher; The Prospector News

Chuck Bradford, CFA, President; Bradford Research Inc.
Dr. Joseph Poveromo, President; Raw Materials & Ironmaking Global Consulting

Join Chuck Bradford and Joe Poveromo, two veteran global steel industry and raw material markets analysts, for an update about current steel industry trends. They will share insights into factors driving iron ore prices to recent year highs. Glean information about China's steel industry- the global behemoth in steel responsible for more than 50% of the global steel production. Learn what the outlook is for the world's mineral supply chains that feed the world's steelmaking furnaces and other global industries. All have been impacted by COVID-19. What is ahead?

9:30 am – 10:30 am

Precious and Base Metals - Are We Near the Top or Just Beginning? 

Michael Fox, Publisher; The Prospector News

Mike McGlone, Commodity Strategist; Bloomberg Intelligence
Jeff M. Christian, Managing Partner; CPM Group

Join Mike McGlone and Jeff Christian, two precious and base metals analysts, discuss their views about the recent surge of gold and silver prices and the copper market and the outlook. Hear them discuss the impact of COVID-19 and what experts looking at these markets, including industry observers, do not understand or appreciate about what's going on inside these markets and behind the scenes. These are very interesting and disruptive times. How high can gold, silver and copper go? Is this time different from the past and why? How? What really is driving the markets? Join us to hear the latest!

10:30 am – Noon

Getting it Right: Moving forward following a Global Pandemic 

Anthony Vaccaro, CFA, MBA, Group Publisher; The Northern Miner Group

Alim Visram, Vice President, Corporate Development, Coeur Mining Inc.
Bradford Cooke, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Endeavour Silver Corp.
Jess Kindler, President Parts & Services, Epiroc Rockdrills AB, Member Group Management, EPIROC
Jeff Swinoga CPA, CA, MBA, National Mining & Metals Co-Leader, Ernst & Young Canada

Hear leading mining industry executives talk about how they are managing through the COVID-19 disruption and have adapted to achieve success. They share their lessons in the best ways forward to manage and adapt to achieve a successful recovery. Where are the opportunities? What is the focus going forward?

Noon – 1:00 pm

Exploration Finance: How to Get Funded

Paul Harris, Latin America Editor, The Mining Journal

Normand Champigny, CEO, Quebec Precious Metals Corporation
Brett Beatty, Partner and Investment Team Leader, Resource Capital Funds
Hugh Agro, P.Eng., President & CEO, Revival Gold Inc.
David Awram, Senior Executive Vice President & Director, Sandstorm Gold Ltd.

Is the mining exploration sector better off or is ‘The Case for Growing and Replacing Resources Organically’ any different in a pandemic world? Hear key analysts, bankers and industry executives describe an industrial world where demand is considerably down. How can leaders focus on future resources while answering for financial results today? Speakers will share what this mean for explorers, miners, equipment, and technology suppliers.

1:00 pm – 1:50 pm

Virtual Coffee Break - Networking Session
Co-Sponsored by Coeur Mining, Revival Gold, Great Bear Resources

Grab your coffees and join us a time for all to recharge, meet and exchange ideas, and to get to know one another and establish long lasting relations with others attending THRIVE.

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Keynote: Gold Supply Post-pandemic
Keynote sponsored by Great Bear Resources

Christopher Galbraith, P.Geo, Metals & Mining Research Analyst, S&P Global Market Intelligence

The gold supply post-pandemic shows near term opportunities but faces challenges ahead. Prior to the declaration of the pandemic, global gold supply was on track for significant gains in 2020. That view has since changed with 2020 now expected to see the largest decline in gold supply in 14 years, but even that decline is fairly minor due to the diverse production base that now exists. In this presentation, we'll look at how the gold production base reached its current level, the challenges it faces ahead, and where to expect it to go the next decade given future prospects.

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

How to Bridge the Financing Gap from PEA to Bankable Feasibility Study

Kai Hoffman, CEO; Oreninc

Robert Cohen, MBA, CFA, Vice President & Portfolio Manager; Dynamic Funds
Joe Mazumdar, Editor/Analyst; Exploration Insights
Ryan McIntyre, President; Maverix Metals Inc.
Warren Gilman, Chairman, CEO, Director; Queens Road Capital Group

The thrill in the financial markets for a new discovery has been replaced by engineering studies, environmental issues and community relations. How does a small cap company maintain the financing stamina to get to the finish line without giving away the prize or blowing up?


3:30 – 4:30 pm

Green Finance, ESG, and Sustainability: Important Hurdles to Qualify for Investor Support

Cynthia Urda Kassis, Head of Mining & Metals and Partner, Project Development & Finance; Shearman & Sterling LLP

Anne Van Riel, Co-Head for Sustainable Finance Capital Markets Americas; BNP Paribas
Victor Flores, Director of Strategic Projects; Orion Mine Resource Partners (USA) LLP
Simon Mendum, Financial Sector Lead; SLR Consulting

The growing importance of Social License for the industry, whether at mine/construction sites or in the centers of finance, requires time and thought in crafting effective communications with stakeholders to gain and maintain finance, investor and community support. We discuss effective technical, operating and investor relations methods for success in this area. Can projects and companies benefit in this regard from the use of ESG-ratings and ESG-linked finance? Learn what metrics are the most effective means to evidence and disclose ESG results. What do debt, equity and strategic investors look for in projects as indicators of likely success in achieving a sustainable legacy?

4:30 pm

Day One - Closing Remarks


Wednesday, October 21, 2020
General Sessions Co-Sponsored by Hecla Mining and SRK Consulting

9:00 am – 10:15 am

Seizing on Infrastructure and Underground Construction Opportunities

Roy Slack, P.Eng., Founder & Director; Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum (CIM), Immediate Past President; Cementation Americas
Andrew O'Donnell, Managing Director; Super Charged Stocks

Jim Spenceley, P.Eng., Senior Vice President; Black & Veatch Corporation
James Anderson, Chairman & CEO; VanGold Mining Corporation TBA
Piotr Pikul, Partner; McKinsey & Company

Infrastructure is a major scope and cost component for new mines and expansions; and has significant linkages with external stakeholders. Cost and sustainability pressures challenge miners to innovate and improve on project definition and delivery. Speakers share how the industry adapting and where improvements can be made. Find insights on where spending may come in the future. What are best practices and skills that industry leaders employ to manage and finance on-time and on-budget projects?

10:15 am -11:30 am

Golden Opportunities and Welcoming Jurisdictions

Donald Hulse, PE, Vice President, Mining, Gustavson & Associates

Rich Munson, B.A.,J.D., L.L.M, President, Gold X Mining Corp.
Chris Taylor, M.Sc., P. Geo., President & CEO & Director, Great Bear Resources Ltd.
Philipps Baker, President, CEO & Director, Hecla Mining Company
Steven Bowles, Senior Director, Investment, Mines & Natural Resource, Invest-Quebec
Ron Parratt, Senior Advisor, Liberty Gold, Inc.

There are key market sectors and jurisdictions ripe with opportunity. Market and industry experts talk about which regions welcome capital investment and projects for miners, explorers and the construction industry. Hear which sectors are hot and why. Find out how operators and investors are successfully adapting to a fast changing market and regulatory conditions.

Noon – 1:00 pm

Successful Equipment and Construction Finance Consortia

Ken Murray, P.Eng., PMP, Founder & CEO, Captrics Consulting Inc.
Jennifer B. Leinart, President, InfoMine USA, Inc

Anthony Lepere, Partner, Project Development & Finance Practice, Shearman & Sterling LLP
Jon Treen, Senior Vice President, Mining Stantec Inc.

How do the successful deals and projects attract and manage the challenges of optimizing finance structures in fast changing and disruptive markets? Find the key to managing the partnership with equipment suppliers and operations contractors for the long term and learn how to assemble successful collaborations.

1:00 pm – 1:50 pm

Virtual Coffee Break - Meet & Greet - Networking Session
Sponsored by Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA

Grab your coffees and join us for an afternoon break to recharge. Get to know one another and establish long lasting relations with others attending THRIVE.

2:00 – 2:30 PM

Keynote: The Risks and Advantages of Different Computer Models – Premise, Cloud, Edge and Cyber Security Implications
Sponsored by Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA

Jeff Hamilton, Strategy & Alliances Director, Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA

2:30 – 3:30 PM

Successful Mine Closure Requires Managing Many Metrics Impacting Legacy and Life-Cycle Financing

Jeff Parshley, PG, Group Chairman, Corporate Consultant (Environment); SRK Consulting


Today miners and financiers need to incorporate a broader perspective that considers the post-mining context, including long-term engineering and socio-economic transitioning. What challenges do mining companies face beyond the end of the operational mine life. What approaches are available today? What experience does the mining industry have in this area? Speakers explore the gaps owners, investors, advisers, and communities need to address for long-term success.

3:30 – 4:30 PM

Winners Manage Risk and Uncertainty, as well as Disruptive Events

Michelle Ash, GEOVIA CEO; Dassault Systèmes
George Hemingway, Partner, Head of Innovation Practice; The Stratalis Group


Today success is more than looking forward and managing disruption. It has new meaning. It is not just about having capital, nor social license – the industry winners will be nimble. Who will succeed? In what markets? Is success about technology, automation or being open-minded? Learn what methods winning teams use from the C-Suite to the boardroom to the mine face and by constructors. Are you poised to succeed as we emerge from the pandemic?

4:30 – 4:35 PM

Conference Chairs' Closing Remarks and Thank You